Software by design

Bespoke Software

Many times you will discover that the software you need in order to fulfill a certain task or goal is not available - "off the shelf". This is when you may need a product that is specifically designed to meet your requirements. Alternatively, it may be that your old software used to work just fine - but due to changes - either in the world at large - or your business in particular, it just does not provide you with a satisfactory solution. This is where you may decide that you require a more tailored solution for your current needs.

The pace at which the modern world changes means that you need software that is going to evolve to meet those changes and can adapt to utilise the latest technology.

Mobile App Development

Communication is key, so being able to communicate over a wider landscape is clearly a major benefit to any business or organisation. With the increase in faster mobile networks and improved communication reliability, it means your networks can expand far beyond their previously restricted boundaries. We currently specialise in Android app development.

Database Development

Organisation is key. The efficient extraction and storage of information is the lifeblood of any modern business or institution.  . It used to be the case that commercial database engines were costly and expensive to maintain but in recent years we have seen an upsurge in opensource (free) alternatives.Whether you need help with an existing database or help designing a new one,with over 10 years experience in database design, we are happy and able to help with whatever you need.



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